Wings of Heroes


Fly with your unexperienced recruits in this 2d side scrolling ww2 dogfighting game and watch them become real heroes,
fighting against all odds to subvert the fate of a seemingly lost war!

In Wings of Heroes you are in charge of a small training airfield for recruits, who will need to be prepared for the imminent clash with enemy forces.

However, sometimes things don’t work out as planned and your airfield will soon be required to participate in military operations.




  • Mission based gameplay with an enthralling plot
  • Challenging dogfight action
  • Your pilots’ rank will grow higher from mission to mission and they will learn new abilities: help them become Masters of Dogfight
  • Use your pilot’s “dexterity” to slow down time and react faster to unexpected events
  • Perform rolls to avoid enemy bullets and missiles
  • Perform Immelmann maneuvers to avoid enemies and get their tail
  • Up to 3 wingmen will escort you in your missions: switch control to any of them at any time!
  • Keep or break formation when you control the team leader
  • Land at your airfield to refuel, repair and reload your aircraft
  • More than 15 different types of enemies (soldiers, tanks, barracks, hangars, battleships, submarines, bunkers, etc…)
  • Detailed statistics for each pilot
  • Realistic weather conditions (rainy, stormy, foggy)
  • Fly at different times of day (dawn, daylight, sunset, night)
  • Enemies’ morale affects their behaviour
  • Eject from your aircraft
  • Perform crash landings
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Engaging soundtrack by Simone Geravini
  • Everyplay integration for full mission recording and spectacular replays: never lose a single moment of your heroic exploits
  • Game Center integration with lots of achievements and leaderboards

iOS – November 2014
Steam – Vote for Wings of Heroes on Steam Greenlight!

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